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My next stop, Mexico.

One day in the office, feeling dull and overwhelmed. I received a text from my friend asking me if I am interested in going to Mexico? I immediately replied, “YES! TELL ME WHEN?”

I was for her birthday in February and that was the perfect time to head to Mexico, it was extremely affordable. My friend was the travel agent for this entire trip. Normally, being invited for a birthday trip I would think it’s up to the invitees to plan for the birthday person. My friend planned every detail from the airline and airfare, to the hotel and transportation. I was relieved because I don’t know how to travel, never planned an itinerary in my life.

My friend booked the most intimate and nature hostel that I absolutely fell in love with. It was right across the beach and near the tourist area. It was the ideal location to be in Tulum.

And since we were across the beach, the locals set up the beach right in time for Valentine Day. After exploring what was around the immediate area, it was time to begin our adventure.

First day, we explored the beaches, which had bars and hotels all along the sands. Which was convenient to throughly enjoy time in the sun. The ocean sky was so blue, it so surreal that this beach was in Mexico (compared to Miami Beach). After soaking up some sun, we went bar hoping in Tulum. The bar scene is fantastic! Every turn each bar offered 3 free shots of local Mexican tequila. Now, the tequila in the US compared to Mexico’s tequila is vastly different; smoother and richer, 5 out of 5 hands down. I even bought a bottle to bring home. After we searched for something to eat. I would not suggest the tourist area because it has the same menu that we can get anywhere in the US like Alfredo pasta, and tacos. I couldn’t tell how many times we saw tacos but weren’t authentic tacos. We had to dig deep into finding a local restaurant to fully enjoy the experience and we found one. It was cute and quiet. We called it a night after that.

Second Day, it was time for real time adventure! My friend planned for us to head to the outskirts of Tulum to enjoy an outing of Bicycling through the city, where we found the ruins. My friend thought it was planned by me because I was leading the way (I found it just by coincidence). And right on time, we were on schedule for the next tour of the ruins. We parked our bikes and enjoyed the lesson of how the indigenous people built the homes to praise and worship the Gods.

We left for our next adventure to the RTV’s and I had a blast trekking through the woods and speeding past our group. I never ridden and RTV’s and my friend was scared for her life. The instructor told us to be careful, there is no safety measures but you being in control. The course of the ride was short but enjoyable.

The last thing to do was to take a dip in the cenoté, if you’re wondering what a cenoté is, it is a collapse earth filled with fresh water. And the one we visited was 10 feet deep! And that’s what they were able to measure! The cenoté goes deeper for all we know but here we are, and the instructor planned for us to zip line into it. Mind you, I don’t know how to swim or float. I took the challenge to do it anyways knowing the facts about me. And let me tell you, it was exhilarating! The rush, the conquering of my fear of not swimming (it helped that the instructor provided me a life jacket lol).

After all that, we were drained and exhausted. We had to ride our pedal bikes back to the city and head back to the hotel and rest. It was an active day.

The last day before our flight back to the US, was my favorite. Our tour guide, Ricardo, called us back up and offered a discount to have a tour of tequila history, basically a tequila tasting. We were told not to savor the flavor however we didn’t, we threw it back like they were shots and enjoy every bit of it. My highlight of this day was visiting the art museum, Mystik by Pepe Soho. This museum was inspiring and the art captured my eye and set a fire in me. Pepe Soho is a photographer his pieces were stunning where I now have my eye out for one of my favorite pieces. His museum is an experience to enjoy thoroughly. To end this fantastic trip, after we headed back to our hostel and I decided to surprise my friend for her birthday at this greek restaurant that caught my eye when were cycling through the city. What I loved about this restaurant is that they gave a live show with a violist and fire theatrics. It was show stopping and I was completely engaged with it.

What a way to end the trip! Mexico was a sight to see and I loved every bit of it. Would I recommend going? Forever and always. This trip set me on fire to pursue my career even further and expand to new horizons. I wouldn’t change it and I would love to go again.

Stay tuned to where I head next…

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