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Arizona: Red Rocks and Mountains


It’s Thanksgiving week and I received a phone call from a long time friend. He asked me if I had anything planned for the holiday and he wants to do a Friends-giving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I had no plans because of classes. Normally, I would just stay home and call it evening but my friend and other plans. He offered to fly me out to Arizona. I didn’t even hesitate in my response to saying yes, especially after my trip for the Bahamas.

The flight was booked and I headed out to Arizona. Arizona was full of mountains, red rocks, and cliffs. When I landed I could tell that Arizona is a red state, not that I am political but Trump signs everywhere and questionable staring when walking around but Arizona was quite chill. Everything is spread out and there’s a lot of traffic in certain spots, I didn’t expect to run into. My time was spent with my friend and his friends, I was about to visit the mountain side and see the view from a roof top restaurant, I wanted to see the red stone mountains but my time was short in Arizona.


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