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It’s near the end of 2020, mid December and I’ve been in a rut since COVID has taken over the world and put everything at a stand still. While I was stuck at home thinking to myself, “how can I expand my knowledge on photography and design?” , my two found loves. I inquired around all over social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok) and everyone that gave me an answer; because I got a lot of non responses or the simple decline to engage but follow me to find out more response. 😒 All the designers and photographers that I admire that did respond  all collectively said to travel.

After a long debate, I decided to follow their advice and booked my first time solo trip to the Bahamas. I was nervous, at first, because I never had traveled outside the U.S. I booked a weekend trip and I got a little spark in my heart for the taste of travel. The Bahamas was reopening after being shutdown the entire year so no one knew what was open but I stayed in Nassau and tried all kinds of food, and enjoyed the conch and seafood cuisine. The island was on a 9 to 5 schedule but after 5 PM, it was party and from the music to the alcohol, it was amazing experience. But what I enjoyed was the beach view! Its waters and skies were so clear and blue, it was so captivating and relaxing, I did not want to leave so quickly.


Now, I got a fire to travel more, where do I go next?

Arizona: Red Rocks and Mountains
High fashion 😎

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