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Hello! I’ve been on hiatus for a while, but I’m back and ready to share some updates with you.

It can be hard to tell the passage of time when you’re in a period of transition. Time seems to stand still until something happens that makes it snap back into place, and then suddenly everything has changed. That’s how I feel now. The last few months were one big blur because my life was in limbo; things that should have happened didn’t happen and things that shouldn’t have happened did happen. But now they’re all out of the way, so we can start over again.

I’ve been working on my art.Me

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Exciting news! I’m back. With a new art piece and a new project to share with you, I hope to generate some excitement in the community again.

First off, let’s talk about the redesigned campaign piece: “Chupa Chups: Para Los”. This is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve ever done as it’s just so bright and colorful! It was inspired by the psychological triggers of addiction and emotions that connect with them. I wanted to take a different spin on the lollipop to have those that suffer from anxiety, stress, etc. to take a Chupa and relax and ease the mind.

The second part of this post is about my newest project which has been in development for some time now. It’s called “Nothing In Common” it is the start of my business to create more design and art, along to help me build content in a way that’s is unique to me. Everything is still in the works but I am pleased to announce that my studio is coming together. What my studio will entail:

  • Branding elements
  • Film & Cimena
  • Photography & Web design
  • Illustrations & Animation

I’m excited to be back and working on projects. My hiatus was a great opportunity for me to reevaluate my goals and the direction of the channel. I hope you’ll stick around for some new art and videos in the coming months!


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