Chupa Chups: Para Los...
(For those...)

THE ASK: Chupa Chups has hit its limits within their audience. The brand wants to brand expand without compromise on its fun nature.

THE INSIGHT: Chupa audience were women, teens, and certain countries. So let’s target everywhere and everything it doesn’t.

THE IDEA: To take a psychological approach to reach a mass audience that have experience a wide range of negative emotions in situations that seem out of their control and turn them positive with chupa chups.


BRAND ACTIVATION: World Cup Soccer ball

SOCIAL: Social Media filter (Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok)

PRINT: Wild posting

We choose to stick to Spanish as Chupa Chups brand originated in Spain. English translation below:

Museum: for those who are confused by art – confused
Moving: for the stresses of moving – stress
Jewelry store: for the nerves of getting engaged – nervous
Football field: for those who are irritated with the team – irritated
Bank: for those stressed by those loans – tense
Airport: for those anxious about missing their flight – Anxiety

Credits & More

Copywriter: Brichell Villa